Reims Cathedral

Inside Reims Cathedral looking down a side isle with beautiful vaulted roof
Reims Cathedral has a beautiful vaulted roof.

The Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral has a very long history of damage, rebuilding and growth. Most recently it was shelled by Germans at the beginning of the First World War and the resulting fire damaged or destroyed important parts of the Cathedral.   Reconstruction began in 1919 and continues today.   Some of the stained glass is exceptional, I particularly liked the work by Chagall designed in 1974.

Chagall Stained Glass Reims Cathedral
Chagall Stained Glass Reims Cathedral

Epernay, Champagne

Shoes tied by the laces hanging on a tree over a skate park in Epernay
Hanging out to skate


We headed for Epernay on Monday to visit Moet-Chandon but the wait was too much and Max was fed up of sitting in his baby chair.  The local skate park is next to the cathedral in the town center. The tradition of lobbing shoes seems to be alive and well with the skaters of Champagne.


Champagne region, near Sainte-Gemme

Champagne Forest near Sainte Gemme
Lost in Champagne

A quick weekend away in Champagne didn’t yield much in the way of photos, mostly because I was driving on winding roads in rain and heavy fog. I had to stop in this lost bit of forest because it struck me as beautiful, silent and freezing.